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Spring Ladies Pageant
Overview: Earl Robert has announced that there will a tournament for the glory of the Ladies of Salisbury to be held in April of 515 in the City of Sarum.
Contact: Staff
Date: 2016.04.01
Link: Spring Ladies Pageant

Sarum Summer Tourney
Overview: The neighborhood tourney in Sarum, neighboring counties have been invited to join.
Contact: SirKay, Catryn, Idris, or Rozenn
Date: End of February
Link: Sarum Summer Tourney

Dorset Border Trouble
Overview: Squabbles along the border of Dorset
Contact: Galahad/Staff
Date: Ongoing
Link: Dorset Border Trouble

King Belinans Rebellion 514
Overview: Once again rebelling against the forces of Arthur and Logres
Contact: Staff/Sir Kay
Date: February 2016
Link: Norgales

The Wedding Tournament
Overview: The Tournament to celebrate Arthur and Gwenevere's Wedding
Contact: Staff
Date: 2016.01.18
Link: Wedding Tournament

Mission to Lonazep

The continuation of the mission, part II.

Contact: Aeron
Date: 2015.12.23 @ 8 PM
Link: Lonazep Embassy II

The Feast of the Presentation (of Jesus to the Temple)
Overview: One of the bigger feasts in the Christian religion, a mid winter feast that celebrates the preparation for the coming spring
Contact: SirKay
Date: 2015.12.23
Link: Feast of the Presentation

Embassy to Lonazep
Overview: A mission from the Earl to meet with his ally for the Grand Melee
Contact: Aeron
Date: 2015.12.22 8PM EST
Link: Embassy to Lonazep

Imbolc - Festival of Candles/Brigid Day
Overview: The Festival of Candles welcomes the ever-growing power of the Light over the Dark as the days grow longer and the sun stronger.
Contact: Arian
Date: 2015.12.28 5 PM EST
Link: Festival of Candles

Earl Robert's Winter Tourney and Feast
Overview: Robert has returned from Arthur's courts, bringing news of the wedding feast to come.
Contact: Staff
Date: 2015.12.08
Link: Sarum Winter Tourney

Trouble Comes to Sarum
Overview: In late Spring, some trouble arrives
Contact: Staff
Date: 2016.01.25 @ 9PM CST
Link: Trouble in Sarum

Wedding of Arthur and Gwenevere
Overview: Taking place early Spring, 514 in Cameliard
Contact: Staff Run Event
Date: 2016.01.11
Link: Arthur's Wedding
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