Sarum Winter Tourney
Earl Robert's Winter Tourney and Feast
Overview: Robert has returned from Arthur's courts, bringing news of the wedding feast to come.
Contact: Staff
Start: 2015.12.08

Noted in the recent IC news. A lighthearted tourney is being held at Sarum Castle and within the walls of the city. As players are approved, knights may take personal challenges over the next week, concluding on Tuesday, December 15th. The winner will be allowed to challenge Sir Jaradan. There will be a feast to conclude the last few days of next week. This is to decide who goes to the festivities at Carlion and who is stuck on Garrison duty in Sarum to mind the manors of Salisbury.

Wins (losses) in the Personal Challenges portion of the tourney (you are being watched by elder knights for the honor to join the vanguard in the grand melee at the Wedding Tourney - and you know, be asked out on Raids to Sussex and such, help with bandits, the usual thing the elders do when watching young knights). Format has been best of three - or first to land two strokes.

Personal Challenges Score Card

Name Wins Losses
Perin 0 6
Aeron 3 2
Aeryn 4 2
Kamron 0 2
Gideon 1 0
Glaw 2 1
Ewin 1 2
Acwel 1 0
Cynderyn 0 2
Aluksander 4 0
Bryce 1 1
Catryn 3 1


Round one, elimination: Perin beats Aeron, Aeryn beats Gwion, Ewin beats Deryn
Round two, elimination: Perin beats Aeryn, Ewin beats Harkin (wildcard addition)
Round three, elimination: Perin beats Ewin

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