Feast of the Presentation
The Feast of the Presentation (of Jesus to the Temple)
Overview: One of the bigger feasts in the Christian religion, a mid winter feast that celebrates the preparation for the coming spring
Contact: SirKay
Start: 2015.12.23

A similar mid winter festivity for Christians, the day asssociated with the time of year to also start begining to til the fields the cows have been grazing all winter, preparation for spring. This is before it merges with Imbolc and becomes Candlemas.

The White Abby will host an offering feast to all who come, prayer services in their chapel. All day event, there will be GM'ed activity around 10 AM.


Post Event:

A young group of knights were visited by a special guest and are seeking a quest to Cornwall to return a lost son to his rightful inheritance. First the seek audience with the Earl to go about this task.

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