Combat Guide


In the books there are five phase, determination, resolution, winner's phase, loser's phase, than movement. We can reduce this to resolution phase, keep pose order. We know its coming, we now we're attacking, and no one can move away until after getting attacked.


The combatants '+check sword' to determine the winner for the round.

The highest success wins, the winner rolls for damage against the loser. If the lower success is a critical success, this beats a success on the winners part. If both are critical, highest roll wins again.

Failure means no damage dealing blows for the round, if both fail they simply did not make contact for the round. A Critical Fail, or Fumble, means one of two things. If using a sword, it falls from your hand, if a non-sword, your weapon breaks.

Two special attacks, Uncontrolled and Defensive

Uncontrolled, basically berserk. You all out attack and get +10. The defender can choose to make one free normal attack against you or defend with a +10 bonus as well.

Defensive, you get a +10 bonus to your roll but you do no damage for the round.

Both will require you to manually note the difference for now.


Winner rolls damage, its on your sheet. Currently the command is 'sroll xd6', I am tinkering with this for the moment, might be funny for any who wish to test it, or get a 'huh'.


Check for knockdown, if damage base is equal to or more than losers SIZ, loser must make a dex check to see if they stay on their feet (if it is twice the SIZ, its automatic knockdown).

You may use rebated weapons (not sharp) or pull blows, this will reduce your damage by 1/2 for determining the results.

Then, subtract your armor/shield from the damage received, reduce from your HPs. At our stage of the game, reinforced chainmail is the standard, this will negate 12 points of damage, with a shield, this allows an additional 6 points of reduction if you succeeded your roll but lost the round. If fall below the UNC (unconscious) number, you become incapacitated. Attention will be needed. If the damage was less then your CON, its a light wound and will recover, but needs first aid should be applied before leaving the field of battle, such wounds can fester if left unattended. If damage is more than your CON, you must make a CON check or fall unconscious, you will need someone to make a chirurgery check for you and you must roll once on the statitics lost table to see what the permanent damage is (yes, combat is deadly) …


1d6 Result Stat Reduced
6 No loss

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