Char Gen

Character Generation:

Concept and Chargen

IC: We require our characters to be 21 years of age. This deflates any gray room for certain topics and, more importantly, this is in-line with the game system itself. Minimum IC starting age is 21 and Maximum starting age is 25.

Choose Your Manor/Family

Look over the manors and choose one. This will not only give you some starting glory from your family's history, but a good sense of that history in general. Note that these are basic outlines, the first player to choose a home and become its 1st born/eldest will be responsible for flushing out some of this history. This will be part of your character's background when you are ready to submit for approval.



  • No skill or combat skill may ever be raised above 15 by this process.
  • No stat may ever be raised above your character’s standard racial limits. A character’s SIZ may not be increased after he reaches age 21.
  • No trait may be raised above 19 and no passion may be raised above 20.
  • No Non-Knightly skill may be augmented (be extra points). Hence, for example, no player knight can have the Chirurgery skill before starting play. Unlike standard, non-knights may take other skills not listed below in the starting values section; to reflect their training.


Valorous starts at 15 for Knights
Choose your religious background, your religious traits all start at 13:

  • Roman Christian: Chaste, Forgiving, Merciful, Modest, Temperate
  • British Christian: Chaste, Energetic, Generous, Modest, Temperate
  • Pagan: Generous, Energetic, Honest, Lustful, Proud

Choose on trait as your 'famous', this one may start at up to 16, at your discretion.

Starting Passions:

Loyalty (Earl Robert de Salisbury): 15
Love (Family): 15
Hospitality: 15
Honor: 15
Hate (Saxons): choice between 10 and 16, how much do you hate those Saxons?


60 points among attributes (Siz, Dex, Str, Con, App): nothing above 21 (All players start as Cymric, inheriting +3 Con, so do not use these points to raise con over 18, or you will waste the points

  • Reminder: Damage: Siz+Str/6; Healing Rate: Con+Str/10; Movement Rate: Str+Dex/10; Total HP: Con+Siz; Unconscious: Total HP/4 (Respectable starting numbers: Damage: 4d6; Movement: 3)
  • Distinctive Features: APP - 5-6 is 3 negative, 7-9 2 negative, 10-12 1 positive, 13-16 2 positive, and 17+ 3 positive
  • SIZ is oriented on weight in the appendices (in lbs):
SIZ Weight (Lbs)
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50
6 60
7 70
8 80
9 90
10 100
11 111
12 122
13 134
14 147
15 162
16 178
17 196
18 216


Starting Values for all:

  • Awareness 5
  • Boating 1
  • Compose 1
  • Courtesy 3
  • Dancing 2
  • Faerie Lore 1
  • Falconry 3
  • First Aid 10
  • Flirting 3
  • Folk Lore 2
  • Gaming 3
  • Heraldry 3
  • Hunting 2
  • Intrigue 3
  • Orate 3
  • Play [harp] 3
  • Read [Latin] 0
  • Recognize 3
  • Religion [yours] 2
  • Romance 2
  • Singing 2
  • Stewardship 2
  • Swimming 2
  • Tourney 2

Non knights may add other skills they deem necessary to their character concept. This is open, do not include broad spectrum to include several lesser skills. Notice flirting and romance are distinct skills, do not take chef as a professional skill and presume it includes cooking, baking, butchering, and other skills in a bundle package.

Knightly Skills Starting:

  • Battle 10
  • Horsemanship 10
  • Sword 10
  • Lance 10
  • Spear 6
  • Dagger 5

Lady/Lord/Commoner/Clergy Skills Starting:

A lady of one of the manor families receives 20 points to spend on the following:

  • FirstAid
  • Chirurgery (We use Profession)
  • Falconry
  • Orate
  • Sing
  • Craft
  • Stewardship
  • Horsemanship
  • Dagger
  • Courtesy

Individual Choice:

1) Choose one skill to make 15. Knights: Choose one of your combat skills, make this a 15. Non-knight fighters may choose any skill (combat and non) except Siege to make a 15. Other classes choose any non-combat skill.

2) Choose 3 skills to raise to 10. Knight must choose non-combat for these three. Non-knight fighter may put 2 of these into combat skills. Any non-combatant type may choose one weapon skill to make a 10.

3) Divy 30 additional points to any skills, only 10 of these may be added to combat skills (regardless of class). Siege may not be raised at this point.

Future Bonus Considerations

There are several bonuses that can be worked towards as well.

To note:
Ladies and Lords can choose between Gentlewoman and Philanthropist, but only one. Knights, male or female, can only choose Chivalry. Any can combine those with Romantic and Religious - just know it may be harder to keep them all at the same time!

For Non-Knight characters only.

  • Have a total of 80 points within the traits of: Chaste, Energetic, Honest, Modest, Prudent, Temperate.
  • Gain: 100 Glory in Winter
  • Earn: +3 to either Stewardship or Courtesy

For Non-Knight characters only.

  • Have a total of 80 points within the traits of: Generous, Honest, Just, Merciful, Proud, and Hospitality
  • Gain: 100 Glory in Winter
  • Earn: +3 to either Courtesy or Intrigue


  • Have a total of 80 points within the traits of: Generous, Energetic, Modest, Just, Merciful and Valorous
  • Gain: 100 Glory and Armor of Chivalry bonus - +3 to armor at all times.
  • If points drop below 80, loose the Armor bonus


  • Have all religious traits at 16+
  • Gain: 100 Glory
  • Earn:
    • Roman Christian: Total HP +6
    • British Christian: Total HP +3 and Damage +2
    • Pagan: Healing Rate +2


  • Have a lover - can be secret and unknown to general public - can be IC or OOC. If OOC, talk to Staff!
  • Have 10+ in 5 of the following chosen by your lover: Compose, Dance, Falconry, Flirting, Gaming, Intrigue, Orate, Play, Read, Singing, or Tourney
  • Once per year, do a Lover's Solo
  • Spend at least 1L year in gifts or entertainments for lover
  • Gain: 50 Glory for first year, increasing each following year by 50.

Finishing Up

  • Create a wikidot account to join the game wiki.
  • Select a played by. See +help +actor to see available or selected played-bys that represent different characters.
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