Allowed Restricted


Starting characters from Salisbury. We will be open to not only knights, but nobles, courtiers, and other commoners. Earl Robert is a vassal of King Arthur, any starting level character is welcome in his domain.


At present we are only playing Cymric characters. This may change depending on popularity of the game, but for now we are limited to those of the Cymric culture, and only from Salisbury.

Our religions are limited to Roman Christian, British Christian, and Pagan only.

Other professions, like our knights and ladies, are limited to entry level characters. You've finished apprenticeship and training, and are now becoming a journeyman or laymen. Not starting as the local bishop, the master smith, or a veteran of any sort. These are things to work for, the game is about growth.


No character taken directly from the literature or history. They have their stories already told, we are not looking to create alternative versions.

No one beyond starting level. We are not looking for seasoned warriors, grizzled veterans, revered dames, or master craftsmen. King Arthur Pendragon RPG is geared towards a dynastic legacy, starting from the beginnings of your own, we are not looking for anything beyond this when you start playing with us.

No magic classes. While they have a great mechanic for handling the use of magic that puts these characters out of play for a awhile, in a similar fashion to the game we have a heightened sense of time that negates this balance. Thus, they will be reserved for NPCs as needed only at this time. No character may be magic/fae/changeling or anything at this time.

No other typical fantasy classes. No witch hunters, no epic bards, no assassins, no pirates. Nothing from D&D or other fantasy games. There is really no place for these in high fantasy, which in our instance means heroic legendary with focus, in the end on heroic. We are low magic, magic has a very taxing toll on the user, enchanted items are rare, and legendary simple by the scarcity.

No traveling foreigners. Our focus is on the Cymri people of southern Britain, specifically in the area of Salisbury. Those families who have lived here for a few generations and have a loyalty to their land and Earl.

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